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Trustee profile: Richard Burnett

Decisions on behalf of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust are made by an experienced board of Trustees. The Trustees are introduced here in a series of short Q&A posts...


Trustee representing the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) since 2022

Why is the Trust important to you?

RB: "SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is a way of supporting the private rented sector - landlords and tenants - with education and research, to produce a fair and just housing source for all. It can fund projects that have a long term benefit and can assist with educational opportunities that might struggle to find funding elsewhere."

What would you say to anyone who is submitting an application to the Trust?

RB: "Like every Trust, we have specific objectives and requirements. Make sure that your application is appropriate to these objectives and explain in detail how it meets the requirements. Make sure that the application is genuinely along the Trust guidelines and do not try and "shoehorn" in a project which might be better funded elsewhere. Explain clearly what the benefits will be and how you will objectively measure your success or otherwise."


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