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Trustee profile: Andrew Watson

Decisions on behalf of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust are made by an experienced board of Trustees. The Trustees are introduced here in a series of short Q&A posts...


Independent Trustee since 2023

Why is the Trust important to you?

AW: "I am in the fortunate position that the Trust's interests are perfectly aligned to my professional and personal interests. As an advocate of lifelong learning, I wholeheartedly support the Trust's focus on promoting education and training within the private rented sector. Furthermore, as an academic seeking to improve the sector through novel insights, I am also a keen advocate of sharing best practice."

What would you say to anyone who is submitting an application to the Trust?

AW: "The Trust consists of a friendly, approachable team who are keen to support projects aligned with the Trust's goals. As a former recipient of Trust funding, I can testify to the high level of support on offer."

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