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The SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is a grant giving charity designed to promote education, training and best practice in Scotland's private rented sector.

We are currently seeking applications  from organisations seeking grant funding. If you are interested, you can find out more  on this website about our aims, bid guidance and how to apply.

The deadline to submit applications in time for our next funding round is Thursday 22nd August 2024.


SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust is a grant-giving charity aimed at promoting education, training and best practice in Scotland's private rented sector.

The Trust believes that those actively involved in the sector will have innovative and creative ideas to ensure it is the best that it can be for years to come.

The SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust invites landlords, letting agents and tenants to suggest possible projects to be supported depending on available funds. 

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The key aims of our projects are:

- To advance education, particularly in relation to best practice in the management of private rented housing; and to legal rights and obligations which are of particular relevance to those who are involved in the provision or management of private rented sector housing or who hold tenancies within the private rented housing sector.


- To advance conflict resolution through promoting the use of alternative dispute resolution processes for the more efficient resolution of disputes between landlords and tenants within the private rented housing sector.


Can you think of a project which could help landlords manage their business as well as providing the best practice in customer service?

Have you thought of a practical solution to ensure all tenants know their rights and are aware of their responsibilities as tenant?

Have you resorted to legal action and now have a suggestion on how to resolve disputes in ways which may be more effective than going to court?

If so, we would like to hear from you!

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Please submit your application for funding by Thursday 22nd August 2024

SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust will consider all initial expressions of interest, and may be able to fund some quickly. Other ideas may need further development before they are eligible.

Ideas should fulfill the aims of SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust by enhancing the workings of the private rented sector in Scotland through advancing education or information, and providing tangible benefits to current or prospective landlords and tenants. Before applying for a grant, please take some time to read the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust Bid Guidance.

If you would like to submit your idea, please complete our Application Form.

Please note that no applications from local authority or government organisations will be considered. However, we welcome bids from charities that are already in partnership with government organisations.


Please note that the below form is for enquiries relating to the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust only. For matters relating to tenancy deposits protected by SafeDeposits Scotland, please visit

Thanks for submitting!

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