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Trustee profile: Claire Mullen

Decisions on behalf of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust are made by an experienced board of Trustees. The Trustees are introduced here in a series of short Q&A posts...


Independent Trustee since 2018

Why is the Trust important to you?

CM: "I have been involved in the private rented sector for a number of years. I have a deep interest in the sector and promoting compliance with legal obligations. The sector provides necessary housing stock and being a part of the Trust allows me to play a small part in ensuring a thriving private rented sector for Scotland."

What would you say to anyone who is submitting an application to the Trust?

CM: "My advice to those considering applying for grant funding is to not be deterred from making the application. The application itself is user friendly and there is support should you require assistance in completing an application. You should consider our aims and ensure your application ties into those aims."


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