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Million Pound Milestone

In September the Trustees of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust met to consider the latest applications to SafeDeposits' grant giving charity and agreed to award grants to two projects. These represented the 40th and 41st projects to receive funding from the Trust since 2016, but perhaps more significantly passed the milestone of £1 million awarded by the charity since its inception. £1,028,024 is the precise running total to date.

The two most recent awards were made to:


Glasgow-based Positive Action in Housing sought funding from the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust to be able to continue its Migrants Rights Project.

The project is a multifaceted initiative focused primarily, although not exclusively, on assisting the Romanian Roma community in and around Glasgow.

The funding will enable Positive Action in Housing to incorporate a formal mediation branch to the project, alongside continuing the vital work it does in the face of increasing demand. The team will act as intermediaries to ensure clear and correct communication between landlords and tenants.


National charity Shelter Scotland was awarded a grant to appoint a part-time PRS Learning Officer, in response to a notable increase in people calling their helpline regarding issues within the PRS.

The Learning Officer's duties will include gathering information, creating content and video resources, creating training sessions and assisting helpline staff as they deal with PRS queries.

The objectives of this project include: Enhancing tenants' knowledge of their rights through the information given by Shelter Scotland's helpline advisors, online chat advisors and front-line workers; Providing Shelter Scotland staff with dedicated PRS resources to enhance their understanding of the laws and legislation regarding the PRS in Scotland; Making these resources available to external agencies who deal with PRS clients.

Do you have a project in mind that meets the aims of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust? Download the easy-to-complete application form on this website and email it to

You can also email the above address to arrange an initial conversation, if you would like to discuss an idea before getting to work on an application.

If you are aware of any charities, organisations or individuals that might have the capability to deliver an initiative that meets the aims of the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust, please do spread the word and point them in the right direction!

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